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Multimedia Headsets

B-Speech® Sima

BT handsfree with multilink


The B-Speech® Sima does not require any cables and can be used within a few seconds at the sunshade in your car. Due to first-class noise filtering, full Duplex, and the powerful speaker, the new entry level model for first class communica tion, even at fast drives on the highway. The handsfree speaking system supports multiconnecting and can be operated simultaneously by 2 mobiles.

The B-Speech® Sima provides telephone functions such as acceptance of calls, rejection of calls, redial and voice dialing. The simple operation of the hands-free speaking system allows a safe handling while driving.




Here we provide more product informationen

Manual Sima [multilingual]

PDF-Link: Manual_B-Speech_Sima(multilingual).pdf 487Kb

Info Sima

PDF-Link: Info_B-Speech_Sima.pdf 98Kb

ΠSima [multilingual]

PDF-Link: CE_B-Speech_Sima(multilingual).pdf 13Kb
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