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„B-Speech® Tx2 ”

Universal Stereo Audio/Music Transmitter


The B-Speech®Transmitter TX2 transmit digital music Wirelessly by plugging Tx from your iPod, MP3, Home stereo system or any music device.

It connects after switch on automatically via Bluetooth Stereo profile A2DP with your Bluetooth enable Stereo device, for example our Stereo Headsets B-Speech® Calypso SP oder dem B-Speech® Twiddle and any other device, which supports the Pairing codes 0000, 1234 or 8888.


  • Bluetooth V. 2.0, Class II, 10 meters
  • Bluetooth Stereoprofile: A2DP
  • Frequency: 2.4 Ghz
  • High Quality Stereo IC
  • CE and FCC zertifiziert
  • 3,5 mm Stereo Audio Plug
  • Low power standby and deep sleep mode for power saving
  • Up to 5 hrs music playing
  • Size: L 48 × B 29,4 × H 11,2 mm


Here we provide more product informationen

Info Tx2

PDF-Link: Info_B-Speech_Tx2.pdf 107Kb

Handbuch Tx2 [deu]

PDF-Link: Handbuch_B-Speech_Tx2(deu).pdf 75Kb

Manual Tx2 [eng]

PDF-Link: Manual_B-Speech_Tx2(eng).pdf 73Kb

ΠTX2 [multilingual]

PDF-Link: CE_B-Speech_TX2(multilingual).pdf 31Kb

Manual Tx2 [multilingual]

PDF-Link: Manual_B-Speech_Tx2(multilingual).pdf 175Kb